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The world's first digital standard index system based on blockchain Technology.



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    -BitSTD index
    What is BitSTD

    BitSTD,full name Bit Standard,
    is a digital standard index system based on blockchain technology
    and is engaged in becoming the Standard & Poor's in blockchain
    area. It’s token is BSS.

    BitSTD actually demonstrates the combination methods of a basket
    of digitaltokens, so investors of digital tokens wouldn’t need to
    worry about currency devaluation caused by government’s loosely
    quantified policies.

    The current investment can not meet the demand

    Digital tokens based on new blockchain technology
    (e.g. Ethereum) is emerging in an endless stream, so it
    is becoming more and more difficult to choose suitable
    investment objects from those piles of digital tokens.

    The price volatility of a single digital token is overly high,
    which is not suitable of investors’long-term holding.
    Easily give the investors a destructive blow.

    BitSTD - Wise investment choice

    We believe that the index of the financial market, like a lighthouse
    in the ocean.. When people in the finance market is sailing in this
    ocean, they are facing all kinds of uncertainty and risk. They need a
    benchmark to tell them whether their ship of portfolio has deviated
    from their route.

    Therefore, to invest in an index of a basket of digital tokens, or index
    fund, would be a wiser investment strategy.

    BitSTD's advantage

    Digital standard index system based on blockchain Technology

    Adopt unique technology

    Standard & Poor's in the area of virtual assets

    Expansion of the product



    Quantitative Strategy Product

    Investment Analysis Database Products

    The world's elite volunteer to join

    BitSTD organization is a spontaneous and loose organization and maintains influence by the forum.
    Finance and blockchain experts think highly of the meaning of the index. They spontaneously
    participate in and are active in BitSTD forum.

    BitSTD is established in the world of blockchain, and is a new company system and property right
    relationship, rebuilt with blockchain technology.
    The governance of BitSTD is supported by a 3-layer structure of holders’ general assembly, autonomy
    committee and executive committee.